Economic Reboot for at 21st Century Wisconsin

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Libertarian Candidate for Governor releases Economic Reboot for a 21st Century Wisconsin video.

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Published on Sep 4, 2014

Opening Comments by Robert Burke
Libertarian Candidate for Governor of Wisconsin
Libertarians are famous for their contrarian view of the economy and consider the works of Ludwig von Mises and FA Hayek to be ground breaking and spectacularly accurate in explaining the problems with our current boom-bust capital and economic model. With the former in mind, the Libertarian Candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor of Wisconsin, Robert Burke and Joseph Brost, present their economic recovery plan. We would like to note that the information and ideas are not written, directed, or influenced by 3rd party organizations or consulting firms.

In other words, we did the homework ourselves.

We would like to note three things prior to reading the plan:
1) We will not be elected to office while the existing financial paradigm exists and so our plan is a restructuring of the Wisconsin economy post dollar collapse. We realize that the implementation of many of these changes will only be possible in a wholesale environment of massive change.
2) The current spending levels by the federal government are unsustainable and will deeply impact Wisconsin government spending on state social programs. Our plan cannot possibly encompass all areas that will be impacted by massive cuts in federal spending, but an attempt to minimize or offset the drop in spending will be the goal.
3) The current currency system encourages a boom-bust economy and mal-investment of capital is encouraged by our state government as well. We cannot predict what currency model our federal government will create to replace the broken Bretten-Woods system, but we will actively encourage states to band together and return to a bi-metallic, commodity based currency that offers the greatest price stability for the poor, and we will have a lot of poor.

It is in the vacuum of the collapse that we hope the media will correctly report the only two candidates on the ballot running for the top executive offices in the state who predicted the collapse, and allow us the proper coverage of our proposed solutions. With accurate and complete reporting by our news agencies the public will be able to make an informed decision about who has the best handle on rebuilding Wisconsin’s economy. There is a lot of hope for our state; we have outstanding natural resources, a highly educated population, and a robust agricultural base from which to begin. Out of the strife these major shifts create, often come the greatest of advancements in our society. Our goal as the Libertarian Candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor is to be standing at the right place at the right time to bring real hope and real change to the lives of the people in a state we owe so much.

Forward is in the other direction.

Robert Burke
Libertarian Candidate for Governor

Joseph Brost
Libertarian Candidate for Lieutenant Governor

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