Call Your Congressman, Ukraine Has Been Found – Don’t Attack Say Youth

In Elections,War on April 9, 2014 by Robert Burke

While I have covered the constant desire to find new wars around the world, there is an interesting phenomenon arising with the matter of US Intervention with the current state of Ukraine.  I would like to review a few facts on the matter:

1) Crimea Will Formally Apply To Join Russia Tomorrow After 95.5% Support Referendum; US, UK, EU Reject Results 3/16/2014

2) Ukraine Leader In New Leaked Recording: 8 Million Russians In Ukraine “Must Be Killed With Nuclear Weapons” – 3/24/2014

3) Russia Accuses US Mercenaries Of Inciting Civil War In Ukraine – 4/7/2014

Should I be elected Governor of Wisconsin I would begin uniting a vocal group of Governors to bring attention to the fact that those actually paying attention to what is happening in Ukraine are quite happy not to intervene for very good reasons – Russia seems to have the situation under control and the rats are getting desperate.  The Washington Post has the clearest poll coverage why our states need to start standing up to these wars, our kids no longer want to go, and they seem to be more informed than most on where it is an whether we should send them to invade:

Accuracy varies across demographic groups. In general, younger Americans tended to provide more accurate responses than their older counterparts: 27 percent of 18-24 year olds correctly identified Ukraine, compared with 14 percent of 65+ year-olds. Men tended to do better than women, with 20 percent of men correctly identifying Ukraine and 13 percent  of women.

we found that the less accurate our participants were, the more they wanted the U.S. to use force, the greater the threat they saw Russia as posing to U.S. interests, and the more they thought that using force would advance U.S. national security interests;”  (emphasis by ZeroHedge)

So I want to introduce an idea here…If our youth can accurately identify the Ukraine and their opinion to stay out, I say we trust them this time.

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  1. I think it would be a good thing to let the members of the Libertarian Party of this area know about this. Not all of us “live on Facebook”


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