These Are Totally Unrelated

In Economics,Elections,General on December 22, 2013 by Robert Burke

While we are sure Representative Dean Knudson and Senator Sheila Harsdorf are busy changing our ability to recall them (because incompetence is not reason enough, only ethics), it should be clear to the casual observer that these two things are completely unrelated only in the land of unicorns and rainbows.

How about any one of the people who represent Pierce and St Croix County, in any elected office, comment below so we have at least some idea of your economic competence.  I would think after creating a bank (can anyone say WEDC taxpayer loss scandal dead ahead?) you must believe you have a handle on economics great enough to counter some unemployed schmuck with a political organization of 15 people.



“The CBOE Skew IndexSM – referred to as “SKEW” – is an option-based indicator that measures the perceived tail risk…Tail risk is the risk associated with an increase in the probability of outlier returns, returns two or more standard deviations below the mean. Think stock market crash, or black swan. This probability is negligible for a normal distribution, but can be significant for distributions which are skewed and have fat tails.”

As ZeroHedge Points out: ”

In 24 years of history, SKEW has been above 140 only 4 times (including the current)… the last 3 times were…

  • 06/21/1990 – S&L Crisis (Stocks dropped 18% in next 3 months and the US entered recession)
  • 10/16/1998 – Russian Default and LTCM (Stocks soared 22% in the next 3 months and the dot-com bubble was born)
  • 03/16/2006 – Housing Bubble peak (Stock dropped 6% in next 3 months and the ‘great recession’ started within a year)

And now?

  • 12/20/2013… Taper…”

Now, someone ask Congressman Duffy where I put my hat please?  I’m thinking the door is a good option right about now.

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