Caution-Everyone on Buy Side of Boat

In Economics,General on November 29, 2013 by Robert Burke

Attention: For educational and commentary purposes only.

As we enter the new normal unicorn buying season it should catch your attention when something brand spanking new comes along to buy; in this case reality.  As the attached chart shows, investors have never in the history of this chart been more inclined to believe we should continue to buy buy buy!!!

As we enter into the final stages of what Kyle Bass describes as the 70 year debt super cycle it might be worthy of attention to consider that the rich get richer by not holding on to antiquated ideas like market trend lines attached to helium balloons.  To be clear, none of our elected official can make statements like I am making for a variety of reasons, including lack of knowledge.  This is not because I am smarter than they are but because I don’t have proclivity towards ignoring reality in exchange for your vote.  My desire is to tell you as much of the truth right now so that when the SHTF you will believe me when I explain the solution to these problems.

In the mean time I suggest you consider the following question posed by ZeroHedge where I found this chart: “What happens when this chart hits zero?

If you are part of the massive segment of America that has nothing in the stock market I have the following advice: Keep the tank full, the gun loaded, and a 3 month stock of food in the cabinet.  
Me?  I’ll be working on replacing the people in office that failed to prevent this mess.  Once there we will work to put them in jail.

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