Libertarian Party Chair in Contempt of Court Over Anchor Light

In Economics,General on November 21, 2013 by Robert Burke

I would like to share a letter to the editor of Menomonee Michigan’s paper.
What would you do?

Dear Editor,

My name is Robert Burke and I am a resident of Hudson, WI.  I should also open by saying I am the Chair of the Libertarian Party Pierce – St Croix, WI.

I am submitting this letter on Thursday, November 21st, 2013 because I am suppose to be in Menomonee, Michigan’s court at 8:05 AM, and at this moment I am now likely in contempt of court for fines of which I am now delinquent.  The circumstances of my tickets won’t fit here but you can visit if you care to hear my side of the story.  It is an understatement to say I am now a victim of victimless crime involving an anchor light and over compliance of the boats registration.  The system offers me no real redress.

Victimless crimes are corrosive to our relationship with public safety officers.  These laws make us suspicious and afraid of police which is the opposite consciousness we should strive for in public safety.   Worse, these laws extract money that should go into the economy of your town and not the courts.  So today I tell you as a Libertarian this is the system I fight, an unjust system created and enforced by fallible people who make mistakes just like me.  It should be noted it is a very expensive system, and you the taxpayer pay dearly for its infrastructure in the retirement benefits of the additional police, prosectors, judges, and various clerical personnel needed to administer it.

I spent $200 on the day I was ticketed at your festival, but I won’t be back to your marina or festival because your police and courts now say I am a criminal.  That is unfortunate, your economy could surely use the money.

Robert Burke, Chair
Libertarian Party Pierce – St Croix

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