Swann-Lawsuit May Put Libertarian in South Carolina Senate Seat: Thoughts?

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Journalist Ben Swann covered a story Friday that was likely ignored by the main-stream media; primarily because the apple cart is about to be knocked over, and it’s apple season, so the cart’s full.  A special election for State Senate was held recently in South Carolina, and the Democrat received 79% of the vote (heavily Democratic).  Unfortunately for the Democrats, their candidate incorrectly filled out the paperwork, and as it turns out, so did the guy who took second-a Red:

“Republican Billy Shuman Jr. got 19% of the vote, while Libertarian Party candidate Alex Thornton got just 1.2%.

Jeremy Walters, Chairman of the Libertarian Party in York County, S.C., though, filed a lawsuit on September 26 contending that both the Republican and Democrat candidates violated a state election law.  According to Section 8-13-1356 of the S.C. Code of Laws, political candidates must file their Statements of Economic Interest (SEI, an income disclosure form) for the previous calendar year along with their declaration of candidacy or petition for nomination.

Both Kimpson and Shuman listed 2013 on their SEIs, and Thornton was the only candidate to fill out the form correctly.  The same law got 250 candidates kicked off the ballot in 2012, and though Governor Nikki Haley signed a bill this year attempting to mitigate the effects of this legislation, those changes had not yet taken effect because they had yet to be approved by the Department of Justice.”

My thought on the matter: We all know the politicians wrote the law just to get the other guy if ever a technicality were needed- unfortunately it caused problems.  That makes this systemic dysfunction at its best.

Welcome to a third party in state government South Carolina.  I think she’s about to get a lot more press as something tells me the Department of Justice is about to set new precedence…no matter what it does.

Here’s the real mind-bender.  Do Democrats in the district celebrate the win, or at least that it wasn’t a Republican?

I tried to check her website to view her back ground and ensure that she was the real McCoy, but I think traffic has overwhelmed it, it wouldn’t load.

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