Ending Global Poverty and Subsidies for Silly Walks

In Economics,Meetings on October 23, 2013 by Robert Burke

Finding an entertaining and useful way to engage the intellect in understanding our world is a challenge the “Learn Liberty” channel excels in meeting. In the latest release from the “Learn Liberty” YouTube channel Dr Stephen Davies from the Institute for Economic Affairs explains how our planet met the goal of reducing world poverty by 50%, 5 years ahead of schedule.

In the second video Professor Art Carden, Assistant professor of economics Samford University, explains why government subsidies are not the panacea of solutions many believe, and he references Monty Python a lot which made it a win from the start.


Save the Date: Sunday, November 3rd, 2-4 PM

Discussion of the Economic Collapse with Chair of the Libertarian Party

Mudd and Sudd’s Hwy 35 North Hudson

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