Libertarian Party Pierce St Croix Addresses Drug Problem – Offers Plan

In War on October 14, 2013 by Robert Burke


5 Recommendations for the State Assembly:

1. Begin an open effort to educate the public about the differences between Marijuana and other drugs, and do so in an open and honest evaluation of the medical and recreational uses.  To that end we also call for hearings on the subject.

2. Legalize marijuana and regulate with the model currently being put in place in Colorado through Amendment 64.

3. Dedicate irrevocable language that revenues are in the form of user fees.  User fees should mean all revenue now and forever should go to improve the conditions created by all addictive controlled substances including awareness, intervention, and treatment.  This user fee should be spread equally among all addictive substances.

4. Cut from the capital heavy venture know as the WEDC and DWD.  Use the cuts from these losing programs to offer meaningful in-patient treatment and fix access.  This is a reasonable first step toward a fully user fee paid system.  Unfortunately, we need funding for meaningful inpatient treatment immediately.

5. We believe we have some of the smartest universities in the world.  Task our UW system to begin a full and complete study of every aspect of the war on drugs and all drug related phenomenon focusing on addiction, treatment, and public policy impact.  Shift just 5% of the funding from every program and openly ask our universities to consider this a priority for all of humanity.

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