5 Videos in 15 minutes – The Real News

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HyperReport (News and Commentary -107 Sec.)

130717 – You Are Being Played


Reason TV (News and Commentary – 117 Sec.)

FBI Surveils Bikini Baristas, Officer Busted in Sex Sting! Don’t Cops


Suspicious Observer (Earth and Sun Related Weather News – 226 Sec.)

3MIN News July 17, 2013: Seismic Uptick, State of Flux, Spaceweather


StormCloudsGathering (Perspective and Commentary- 233 Sec.)

The Blunt Truth about The Trayvon Martin Case


LibertyValleyWI (Local, State, and National Perspective by the Libertarian Party – 224 Sec.)

Looking Back – Spring Legislative Session Reviewed


(107 + 117 + 226 + 233 + 224)/60 =  15 minutes

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