Supreme Court Gets Gay Marriage Right

In Economics,General on June 26, 2013 by Robert Burke

In the aftermath of a terrible Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Health Care Act, which in California is resulting in fewer choices and doubling most premiums (not sure this meets the definition of affordable), the Supreme Courts gets one right- gay marriage is a state issue.

From Yahoo News:

The Supreme Court released two major decisions expanding gay rights across the country Wednesday as hordes of cheering demonstrators greeted the news outside. The justices struck down a federal law barring the recognition of same-sex marriage in a split decision, ruling that the law violates the rights of gays and lesbians, and intrudes into states’ rights to define and regulate marriage. The court alsodismissed a case involving California’s gay marriage ban, ruling that supporters of the ban did not have the legal standing, or right, to appeal a lower court’s decision striking down Proposition 8 as discriminatory.

This issue has been used as a political chip by the red and blue team for far too long.  In the attached video we explore a Libertarian approach which Ron Paul proposed during the presidential debates in 2012.

On a side note, it appears the healthcare ruling it’s self may have been the result of blackmailing by the NSA as another whistleblower drops the curtain to reveal the real puppet masters.

If the veil of obvious lies is beginning to crumble for you I dare you to watch this video from “Engineers and Architects for 9/11”, which consists of 1200 people in those professions with collectively 25,000 years of experience calling the official story bull-crap…and they can prove it.

Again, what is your line in the sand?

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