Alternative National News Sources

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For those seeking to break out of the main stream propaganda it can be daunting to find trusted sources.  With 6 companies owning 90% of the national media these are some of the people closest to real news as you can get.

For local news I recommend our friends here.

News and Financial:
Internet Companies Begin Revealing Extent Of Government Snooping
GM Hopes To Boost Sales Of The Chevy Volt By Offering A $5,000 Discount
The Endgame of State/Local Government Pensions
Detroit To Default Today, “Shared-Sacrifice” To Follow
WTI Crude Tops $98 – Highest In 9 Months
22 Nauseating Quotes From Hypocritical Establishment Politicians About The NSA Spying Scandal

Video news is an excellent way to keep up on happenings and you can have these delivered right to your inbox every morning by subscribing to any of these channels.

Hyper Report- This covers multiple stories not found in the mainstream news in a 2 minute daily blurb:
Monday – Turtle Strike?
Tuesday – Go RICO on Obama
Wednesday – Lists?
Thursday – MRE to Defeat
Friday – No Human Gene Patent
Saturday – Be Responsible to Survive

Greg Hunter is a former main stream reporter who now does his own thing with 10 minute news coverage:
USA Watchdog: NSA Spying, Rep. Jeff Duncan Tours DHS – Sees IRS agents Training with AR-15’s

BrotherJohnF offers great precious metals news and does a general commentary two to three times a week:
Silver Update 6/12/13 Doom Approaching
Silver Update 6/14/13 Pension Ponzi

Suspicious Observer is one of the weather reporters who also covers what is known as space weather.  Before watching these it my be helpful to watch How to Watch the Sun & They Should Tell You:
4MIN News June 10, 2013: Rare Quake, Gamma Fest, Solar Update
3MIN News June 11, 2013: News Review, Calm Earth & Sun
4MIN News June 12, 2013: MAJOR WEATHER WARNING, Solar Magnetics
3MIN News June 13, 2013: X-Ray Andromeda, Sunspots/CHs Incoming 
3MIN News June 14, 2013: FALLING SATELLITE, 6.7 Quake – Uptick Expected
4MIN News June 15, 2013: ISON NASA Request, Fireball US, Solar Uptick Expected

For reviews of major weather events no one beats the Hawkeye Davis Channel:
Signs Of Change The Past Week Or June 2013
And for those neophytes he also covers UFO sightings and news reports for the last week:
The Best Of Ufos Weekly June 2013

For fun- Drinking with Bob (no, not me nor does Bob drink):
Thank You Edward Snowden…

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